Employer ServicesAt AFC Urgent Care – Florham Park, we understand that as an employer you face a number of daily challenges, including managing and maintaining a workforce that is healthy and remains compliant with regulations pertinent to your industry.  We have a range of services designed to meet your occupational medicine needs:

  • Travel medicine for employees who make overseas business trips and require immunizations to keep them safe and healthy, or meet immigration requirements
  • Employment-related physicals (DOT and other types) and testing to screen for Tuberculosis, communicable diseases, etc.  For TB screening, we have x-ray on site to rule out current TB infection for employees who have previously tested positive for TB due to prior vaccination.  We also offer the advanced Quantiferon Gold TB test if that is appropriate.
  • Drug screens, DOT and other (including 5-panel, 9-panel and 10-panel screens).
  • Specialized medical surveillance programs, for example, OSHA-mandated Respirable Crystalline Silica baseline exams requiring NIOSH-certified Spirometry and B-Read X-ray capabilities, and NJ State Firefighter Association medical clearance for firefighters.
  • Treatment for workplace injuries, working closely with your workman’s compensation insurer to deliver high quality and cost-effective care, while striving to return your employee back to work as soon as practicable.

AFC Urgent Care – Florham Park recognizes that each employer has unique requirements for managing their occupational medicine needs, based on industry regulations and/or their internal administrative processes.  For example, a periodic compliance physical might need to include an EKG, spirometry and a urinalysis in addition to the typical exam.  Or, you may have specific requirements around how to report test results, process purchase orders and route invoices.  For employers that have an ongoing need for occupational testing, we work with the employer to tailor our services to their needs, while remaining highly cost-competitive in our delivery. 

Please click on our employer services to learn more.  Our services can always be accessed on a walk-in basis, where the employee pays at the time of service and is reimbursed by the employer.  Our center offers the convenience of being open extended hours, seven days a week, and your employees do not need an appointment to be seen.

Please call us at 973-377-9366 to discuss how we can assist you.